[3ds Max] Customizing Autodesk 3ds Max with new icons and colors

By January 18, 2018Tech

One day as I was going through my daily routine of modelling and animating stuff inside 3ds Max, it dawned on me, how boring the interface the looks. And I have always been a freak about customizing UI of the software I use. From making themes for my phone to making custom icon for Windows PC.

I created custom Icons for Max, changed the colors, added new keyboard shortcuts etc to give it a brand new look.

Here are some of the screenshots

Splash Screen

If you like the theme and want it for yourself, follow these instructions:

Warning: For 3ds max 2017 SP2

  1.  Download my files and extract using 7zip or winrar
  2. For splash screen
    • Copy the dll file to your max installation folder (usually at %programfiles%\Autodesk\3ds max 2017).
    • Optional backup: rename 3dsmax.branding.dll to 3dsmax.branding.old.dll
    •  Replace upon prompt when copying.
    •  Enjoy the beautiful splash screen next time you open it.
  3. For UI Icons
    •  Copy the three folders, Command Panel, MainToolbar and SnapsControls to C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2017\UI_ln\Icons\Dark (if you have max installed in the current location)
    • . Restart 3dsmax
  4. For UI Colors and Enhanced Menu
    • Copy the contents of the folder “For new UI” (not the folder itself) to C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2017\en-US\UI
    • Replace Files (Backup first)
    • Restart Max.