[3ds Max] Recover your work from animation error after skinning

By January 18, 2018Tech

Hello everyone! I ran into a problem the other day with exporting a mesh that I had skinned in 3ds Max. I hand painted the vertex weight and animated it, only to find errors during export. I was in a bad state at that point as it had taken me hours of work to hand paint the vertex weights during skinning process and I was in no mood to  have to go through it all, just because I missed to reset xform on the mesh and scaled the bones a bit to fit the mesh.

I was frantically searching for a solution on the web to no avail until I saw a tool called skin utlities. It hardly had a lot of documentation work for it but it was a life saver, and got my project working with just a few simple clicks.

So I decided to make a tutorial for anyone who might be in a fix as I was and looking for a solution. I realise I sound a  bit weird after listening to it and that it might be somewhat hard for people to understand what I am saying but the tutorial is pretty clear with whats going on in the screen so it all should be fine.And like an irresponsible child, I am going to put the blame for this on a severe toothache I was suffering from at the moment.

Here’s the video, take a look: