Download free stuff

 These things were mainly made for personal use, like themes for my phones or icons to beautify my desktop. Feel free to use them for non commercial or personal use.

A card UI custom CSS for Google search

A userstyle for Google search and homepage in Card UI design Language. Get more results on your screen now, in a beautifully organised way with new background from unsplash everytime you visit the homepage.
Both CSS and JS version are included in the zip folder.
Get it on

3D mesh of an old man on a bicycle

A mesh I created for a project, the mesh is textured and partially unwrapped.

Custom UI themes for 3ds Max

Just a dark theme for 3ds Max, darker than the default theme. You can download it for free. There is also a tutorial showing how to install it, and its quite simple.
Learn how to install it

MD5 exporter and importer for 3ds Max

A max script I wrote for modern versions of 3ds Max that exports skinned mesh with animation into md5 mesh and md5anim.
The script was inspired by steve’s script for Gmod of 3d Studio Max. Works on Max 2015 and later.

Custom Icons

Some white icons I used for making my windows 10 theme more appealing to look at. You can download them in PNG and ICO formats.