Get a character designed in 3D

Get a character designed in 3D, complete with materials, rigged skeleton, and PBR texture for realistic render.
The character can be Low Poly for video games or highly detailed for animations in advertisements and movies.

Per Object Price

£50–   £500

Get a 3D print ready model

Get a 3D model created that can be 3D printed. It can either be for rapid prototyping, scale models, toys or production parts.

I have worked on prototyping models, hobbyist scale modelling of vehicles, articulated action figures, and replica of props, etc.

Per Object Price

£50–   £150

Realistic Visualisation of a product or architecture

Get your concept or pre production product visualised in photorealism. This service also includes 360° view video, walk through and animation of how a product works.

Per Object Price

£30–   £300

Low Poly PBR Props and Environment for Video Games

Get video game props and environment made for PBR workflow game engines like Unreal and Unity. Assets include LOD levels, all substance generated PBR textures, and collision map.

Per Object Price

£50–   £400

Get anything modelled, rigged and animated

If your CGI needs does not match any other categories, you can still get your object made, rigged and animated. I can model organic (like characters) and hard surface objects, provide materials to make them look photo real and even render them out for you.

The object can be anything, from fantasy to whimsical still life, to any character or mechanical part you might need rigged for animation.

UI Prototyping, Image editing, Graphics design

Get your photos edited for blemish removal, background removal, effects.

Get  your Unreal Engine 4 Menu UI designed in UMG

Get prototypes of UI for apps and other products in Adobe XD or Photoshop.

Per Object Price

£30–   £300

“A job well done. Quick and very professional. Highly recommended”

– James A.United Kingdom (PPH)

“This was beautiful work delivered to tight timelines. Great communication too. Highly recommend Rév's professionalism and design sense.”

– Gub M.Australia (Freelancer)

“Excellent, completed work in a timely manner. A true professional”

– Jose M.United States (Freelancer)

Prices are estimate only and the rate will depend on the project. I will start work after receiving 20% advance of the agreed price, the remaining 80% will be paid upon completion of work.